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August Clint McElroy

Ep. 178: Tamagotchi Baby

The concept of sports (namely hockey) and why people like them

Ep. 177: Zamboni Birthday

HJ's (Home Journals)

Ep. 176: Cunning Like An Eagle

Glow in the Dark Stuff

Ep. 174: You Only Need One Ron

Photoshop Woopsies (aka Fails, Mistakes, Deceptions or Disasters)

Ep. 173: Bip Bippadotta

King Size Beds

Ep. 171: Butt Warfare

Generic Store-Brand Items

Ep. 168: Frasier Force

Wrecking McDonalds as a 4 year old

Ep. 163: Party Time!

Playing Poker with Halloween Candy

Ep. 163: Party Time!

Beach-themed Twister Party

Ep. 163: Party Time!

New Years Eve Parties at the McElroy House

Ep. 163: Party Time!

Breaking and Entering into people's homes in search of parties

Ep. 163: Party Time!

Halloween Parties

Ep. 163: Party Time!

Hanging with friends, playing NBA Jam & Beer Pong

Ep. 163: Party Time!

Going to college parties after graduating

Ep. 163: Party Time!

Murder Mystery Parties

Ep. 163: Party Time!

Primary School Art Class

Ep. 159: The Mystery of Helium

Rachel's Chilli, from Ep. 7

Ep. 157: YUUUUUP!

Pumpkin Spice, from Ep. 6

Ep. 157: YUUUUUP!

Chess, from Ep. 14

Ep. 157: YUUUUUP!

Lightsabers, from Ep. 26

Ep. 157: YUUUUUP!

Amazing Race, from Ep. 18

Ep. 157: YUUUUUP!

Travelling with Rachel, from Ep. 22

Ep. 157: YUUUUUP!

Slow Burn by Kacey Musgraves, from Ep. 29

Ep. 157: YUUUUUP!

The title of Ep. 45: "Frasiest"

Ep. 157: YUUUUUP!

Prop A passing in Austin

Ep. 157: YUUUUUP!

I Am Offering this Poem by Jimmy Santiago Baca, from Ep. 54

Ep. 157: YUUUUUP!

Chex Mix, from Ep. 65

Ep. 157: YUUUUUP!

Having Short Hair, from Ep. 66

Ep. 157: YUUUUUP!

Chillhop, from Ep. 79

Ep. 157: YUUUUUP!

Henry turned 3, from Ep. 110 (followed immediately by Birth Control from Ep. 111)

Ep. 157: YUUUUUP!

When packaged dessert treats get stale and they taste better

Ep. 152: Air Milk

Healthy Food that makes you happy

Ep. 146: The Noid’s Brother

Having your own personal data storage device

Ep. 141: Anyone Can Pilot!

Opening a treasure chest

Ep. 140: The Atomic Collage

Poet Laureates

Ep. 134: Gamer Camp

Weekly Happy Hour Zoom Calls

Ep. 133: The Self-Care Sedan

Free Restaurant Bread


Sound of Water

Ep. 131: 'Skeetos

Sous Vide Cooking

Ep. 131: 'Skeetos

Clarence Birdseye II

Ep. 126: The Goop Threshold

Pillow/Blanket Forts

Ep. 126: The Goop Threshold

The End of the Huntington Baseball Curse

Ep. 114: A Strong Boogercat

Murder Mystery Parties

Ep. 112: Tidal Brain Force

Local business owner celebrities

Ep. 110: It's Jazzual

Holiday Toy Catalog

Ep. 108: Hot Brie and Takis

Guinness Book of World Records

Ep. 105: The Coaster of the Future

Writing a theme song for a thing

Ep. 103: Candle Coitus

The smell of an extinguished candle

Ep. 103: Candle Coitus

Desktop backgrounds

Ep. 103: Candle Coitus

Holy Triumvirate of Hotel TV

Ep. 102: Lazlo's Pyramid of Desire

Best Overall - The six notes Carly Rae Jepsen sings leading into the chorus of “Cut to the Feeling”

Ep. 100: A Centennial Celebration

Great British Bake-Off

Ep. 99: Where Does the Stink Go?

Modern Text Messaging Technology

Ep. 98: Yogurt Expert

Putting together your everyday loadout

Ep. 97: 12 Angry Virtual Pets

Community Organising

Ep. 95: Baritone Chili's

How fricken long the day lasts


How people's hair gets lighter in the summertime


Drive-Ins, specifically Blue Starlite in Austin


Pool Snacks - Concession Stands at Public Pools


Sympathetic effort response reflex thing

Ep. 91: A Nice, Oaky Greg

The Rite of Passage That Is The First Kiss

Ep. 77: Whistlin' Bulbasaur

Being on a boat

Ep. 73: Kayak Driver

Video game preservation

Ep. 71: Baby Like It Sweet

Visiting New Orleans

Ep. 71: Baby Like It Sweet

Complementary Candy

Ep. 68: Homemade Runts

Trying out a new style

Ep. 67: A Fleet of Wienerdrones

Meeting Your Partner's Friends

Ep. 66: The Mallpisode

A Nice Mechanical Keyboard

Ep. 66: The Mallpisode

Having Short Hair

Ep. 66: The Mallpisode

Going To The Mall

Ep. 66: The Mallpisode

Finding a New Staple Restaurant

Ep. 65: The Big Bubble Man

Home Makeover Shows

Ep. 65: The Big Bubble Man

Outdoor Equipment & Camping Tech

Ep. 62: Dip Crimes

Seeing rental scooters in a sad, destroyed kind of state

Ep. 61: Our Favorite Austin Stuff, Live!

Nuptial gifts, famously a practice only followed by birds and not at all gross

Ep. 59: Edible Jellies

Fun size candy bars

Ep. 57: Gooey for Garfield

Jumping in a big ol' pile of leaves

Ep. 56: Fremenies

A nice, light jacket

Ep. 54: Corn Cauldron

Washing Machines

Ep. 52: NPR Takeover

Getting high up in a big city

Ep. 51: Hot Speven Gossip

Teen poetry festivals

Ep. 51: Hot Speven Gossip

How Disney have just figured all of their shit out

Ep. 49: Accelerated Cheater


Ep. 47: LYLAS

Untitled Poem by Rachel McElroy

Ep. 46: Here Comes the Sauce!

Getting out a sneeze that you've been working on for a long time

Ep. 45: Frasiest

Going to the movies

Ep. 45: Frasiest

Discovering a new favourite thing

Ep. 43: Davey Coolstool’s Math Poetry

Chill Swimming

Ep. 41: Hello, Boats!

Volunteering at Festivals

Ep. 41: Hello, Boats!

Off-Price Retail Stores

Ep. 39: The Lovers Pose

Air drying clothes


Gentle Ball Hitting Games

Ep. 37: Secret Attic Biscuits

Creative Writing Workshops

Ep. 36: Two-Story Toilet

Manicures & Pedicures

Ep. 34: Master Bwuce

Dairy-Free Life Hacks

Ep. 33: Fbutter and Sprawn

Childhood Interior Design

Ep. 33: Fbutter and Sprawn

Kathy Tucky, Marian Chase, Denis Tullman, Agnes Greg, Dane Williams, Spier Morgan & Eirik Steinhoff (Rachel's Teachers)

Ep. 33: Fbutter and Sprawn

Interview Podcasts

Ep. 29: Tito Taylor

Closed Captioning

Ep. 25: Pizza Time Dudes

Crying at Television Shows

Ep. 23: Eatin' all the Takis

Courting by emailing each other quizzes

Ep. 22: A Mouthful of Secrets

Travelling with Rachel

Ep. 22: A Mouthful of Secrets

Opening a new container of something

Ep. 20: Energy!!

Having A Nice Sharp Kitchen Knife

Ep. 15: Big Dog Don't Fall Over

The Menu at our Wedding

Ep. 14: Tomorrow's News

Semi-permanent Hair Dye

Ep. 8: Candy Bones

TV Shows with Narrators

Ep. 7: Dog Beach

Pumpkin Spice

Ep. 6: Book Stink